Illuminate with the Bioluminescence of bacteria

Bioluminescence is a chemical reaction controlled by a gene enabling certain living organisms to produce light. Many marine species are able to do so, such as algae, jellyfish, squid and shrimp. The Glowee startup, established in 2014, is developing a biological lighting system which uses the natural properties of bioluminescent marine organisms to rethink how we produce and use light. Glowee offers a luminous and … Continue reading Illuminate with the Bioluminescence of bacteria

Storing data in a DNA strand

With the growth of the mobile internet, connected objects and the quantify environment, current data production is exponential. Looking for new storage technologies In 2011, research workers at the University of South Carolina calculated that the planet produced a zettabyte of data (one thousand billion billion characters) in 2010. According to their forecast, we will create between 300 and 700,000 ZB in 2040. The volume … Continue reading Storing data in a DNA strand

Biodegrade your sneakers

During a Biofabricate conference in New York dedicated to innovative biomaterials, Adidas presented a prototype featuring a new ultra resistant and biodegradable fiber known as Biosteel. Inspired by natural silk, this new material dissolves within 36 hours when immersed in a bath with enzymes. Developed by AMSilk, a company from Munich, the fiber is made from proteins that imitate spider silk and is 15% lighter … Continue reading Biodegrade your sneakers

Make online purchases that agree with your values

When we buy online or make daily purchases, many of us would like to have a broader choice than the one offered by the leading consumer brands. Now this is possible, thanks to the ingenious DoneGood solution. Using an extension that can be installed on Chrome, DoneGood informs you of the existence of sustainable or fair-trade options that are able to meet your various purchasing … Continue reading Make online purchases that agree with your values