We have elected to set our vision at a Human level. We think that an innovation, a service or a content generate value only if they are a source of utilitarian or emotional well-being.

Here, you will discover inventions and movements which make life more beautiful, more simple or more exciting.

All-in-one production and consumption: the “Knit for You” pop-up store

— Mar 31, 2017

With the “Knit for You” pop-up store, Adidas innovates by enabling customers to have a made-to-measure sweater knitted for them in the store. A store that’s a mini production factory In partnership with the Germany Ministry of Economy and Energy, Adidas has installed a pop-up store in Berlin that features a mini production factory. Customers […]

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Use drones to deliver to isolated rural areas

— Nov 15, 2016

From Amazon to Domino’s Pizza, many market players have created buzz with their projects to deliver by drone. Not surprisingly, in China this dream has become a reality. After several months of testing and thanks to flexible regulations, the Chinese e-merchant JD.com implemented four routes last November 11th on the occasion of the annual major […]

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Push a connected button to order your everyday products

— Nov 10, 2016

What if you just had to push a button to replace a box of detergent in your cupboard when it’s empty? This is the promise made by Amazon last year, with its Amazon Dash system of connected buttons that will be available in France starting on November 15. Connected to WiFi and barely larger than […]

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