A sensor to enrich the experience of a football match with Footbar

By Benjamin Couteau
— Jan 8, 2018

A sensor to enrich the experience of a football match with Footbar

Wednesday, 9 pm, my five-a-side football match has just finished. For this match, each player in both teams was fitted with a sensor worn on the calf. Speed, kick strength, number of accelerations and running performance are analysed in real time and can be viewed after the match on a dedicated platform.

The player who kicked the hardest and the player with the best acceleration are highlighted.
Performances can be viewed individually or by team.La technologie au service de l’expérience.

Technology serving experience.

Thus, the experience of a football match between friends is not restricted to the simple pleasure of playing together.

The centres where these indoor matches are played have various devices fitted to offer a richer experience for the average footballer. A camera is already fitted in a corner of the pitch to record the match.

Recently, then, it has been Footbar, this young company, which has offered to prolong the experience via its performance analysis system.

A few words about Footbar

Footbar is an engineering company which specialises in the analysis of footballers’ performances. Their flagship product: Meteor, a sensor worn on the player’s calf which automatically analyses their data.

The intention is to tackle the world of football before moving on to other sports.


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