Airbnb + Beaubourg + Luckey: accompany and guide beyond welcoming.

By Jules Bricout
— Dec 20, 2018

Airbnb + Beaubourg + Luckey: accompany and guide beyond welcoming.

The aggregation of services? Pierre Désangles was telling you about it few time ago.


In this race for aggregation, the winner will be the one who offers everything to the customers on a teak tray. So, who will have the biggest tentacles?


While brands are not equal in terms of their ability to aggregate others and maintain their direct relationship with the end user, some of those brands benefit from a perception of utility in the lives of their audiences that gives them an ability to go further with them, to bring them into larger relationships, and to tell them more beautiful stories.


This is of course the case of Airbnb which has just offered itself its first French start-up at the same time as it opens the doors of art.

In collaboration with the Pompidou Center, Airbnb is betting on the momentary appropriation: Don’t go there. Live there. This was the slogan with strong exclusive and experiential connotations. Even more true today because it is now possible to visit a museum before opening to the public, in any small committee, to feel privileged and avant-gardist, all of that for an affordable price. A marketing rope added to the bow of the Californian company?


The great secret of men leaders is that they themselves are led by the force of their “why”. And the DNA of Airbnb, its narrative identity is the meeting with the other. “Everything is done by the prism of the host”, Baptiste Manin (Experiences Manager at Airbnb) refers to the artist who plays the role of guide for the visit, focusing on his status as an American artist residing in Paris for a long time. “One of the keys to these experiences is to be able to discover places in which we do not necessarily go, in privileged conditions with enthusiasts. We can no longer conceive the future of travel without encounter, experience. “


This engages other actors to think differently.


Because, if the “why” of Airbnb lies in the connection between travellers and locals, some hosts do not bother to welcome their guests and delegate logistical work. Therefore, the company offers other interactions such as those of the museum in preview or the possibility of freeing itself from the stewardship: how to think for its customers and the customers of its customers. After all, the “experience” guides are only very rarely the accommodation hosts, to understand this is to think about the whole trip and not just the accommodation.


500,000 ads and 13 million users in France, figures that justify the acquisition of a start-up French concierge. “Luckey shares our ambition for excellence in hospitality, and has also developed an innovative approach and strong growth capabilities to support more and more people to become hosts. We will be able to work closely to create new and even better adapted services, to make it ever easier for the greatest number to rent on Airbnb. Said Airbnb France director Emmanuel Marill in a press release. This is a first step in the hexagon “to build a center of excellence and innovation around hospitality”.


The human potential is at the heart of the strategy, even if Airbnb wants to be the unique intermediary between travellers and their destinations. The best way to discover a city remains in contact with its population that shares some of its social life and interests that drive it. The rental is only an area, the home is a place of belonging, so “for the first time, you can belong to any place in the world, the doors are always open “: In a way to rent a feeling?

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