Decrease the amount of sugar in chocolate bars

— Dec 6, 2016

Decrease the amount of sugar in chocolate bars

Chocolate is a major consumer product that brings both pleasure and guilty feelings because of its frequently high sugar content, notably in processed products. Now there’s some good news for nutrition: last week, Nestlé announced in a press release that company research scientists have found a way to reduce the amount of sugar in chocolate by 40% in certain products without changing the taste. This is a real revolution for the packaged confectionery industry, which is under pressure from governments, health professionals and consumers who want healthier products.

This miracle recipe was made possible using a traditional natural ingredient that modifies the structure of sugar so that less is needed for making chocolate. The agribusiness giant announced that this discovery will soon be patented; however, the new method won’t be used before 2018. Nestlé has not revealed the list of products that will benefit from this new process, but we can suppose that it will apply to Kit-Kat, Smarties, Lion, Crunch and other chocolate specialties made by the brand.


We like: Nestlé’s response to the challenge faced by agribusiness companies whose success and reputation depends on heavily sugared or salted products (such as PepsiCo and Mondelez), while the nutritional conscience of consumers encourages them to avoid their consumption.


We were inspired by: The fact that R&D is still an essential way for large groups to maintain their leadership and build new competitive advantages.

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