Democratize online courses on a professional social network

— Dec 1, 2016

Democratize online courses on a professional social network

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), which have now become common and are listed on résumés, provide easy access to training for their many fans. These online platforms frequently offer an opportunity to learn more about a given subject, develop new skills or learn how to use a new tool in parallel to the course taker’s main activity.

In April 2015, LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, acquired, an American company specialized in online learning resources, with the intention of becoming a leader in these new online teaching methods that are open to all. Last September, LinkedIn launched its own online course platform.

The platform is part of the network, which enables directly updating the profiles of course participants. In the past few days, over 4,000 courses have been added to the platform, particularly in French, but also in German, Spanish and Japanese. French-speaking premium members can now take advantage of this service in their mother tongue.

This addition allows over 600 million people who speak French, German, Spanish or Japanese to take advantage of this e-learning experience.


We like: LinkedIn provides an outstanding example of diversification with this new service for enriching résumés and skills that is coherent with its brand territory.


We were inspired to ask: How can a brand expand its scope and become enriched by renewing and diversifying its offer? In 2015, LinkedIn also acquired the Refresh start-up that proposes an app to optimize the organization of your professional appointments. Perhaps this functionality will also be available soon on the network?

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