Make online purchases that agree with your values

— Nov 29, 2016

Make online purchases that agree with your values

When we buy online or make daily purchases, many of us would like to have a broader choice than the one offered by the leading consumer brands. Now this is possible, thanks to the ingenious DoneGood solution.

Using an extension that can be installed on Chrome, DoneGood informs you of the existence of sustainable or fair-trade options that are able to meet your various purchasing criteria and correspond to your values – organic, local, not tested on animals, made from recycled materials, made in the U.S.A. – as well as to social criteria like companies with trade unions or headed by women or representatives of minorities.

For example, if you install the extension and want to buy a T-shirt on line, DoneGood will suggest you have a look at the Tuckerman site. This is a start-up that produces organic cotton T-shirts in Massachusetts. The extension is fed with directories from independent certifiers such as B Corps or Rainforest Alliance (to facilitate searching for these companies), as well as from an independent selection by those who created it.

Their main goal is to make looking for these types of companies and products less complicated and more accessible. Without the extension, they wouldn’t appear on the first page of Google search results. The idea is also to provide new customers for these socially committed companies that don’t always have the necessary size to incur the major marketing expenses that would make them known to the general public.

An app is being developed to allow consumers to access this directory of socially committed, fair-trade and sustainable companies even more directly.


We like: The wish to facilitate relations between consumers and companies that are little-known in spite of the quality of their products and/or services.


We were inspired by: The fact that there are still ways for smaller players like start-ups and SMEs to get around the marketing logic imposed by the media purchases and SEO expenses of major brands.

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