Practice sport at work and increase employee effectiveness

By Mathilde B.
— Aug 28, 2018

Practice sport at work and increase employee effectiveness

“With work, I don’t have time to work out”

No more excuses, with La Pause Baskets, it’s sport that comes to you!


Most of our jobs in 2018 consists in sitting in front of a computer and at the evening there is no time enough, while sports are as good for the physical as for the mental, against the stress and the anxiety which can taint the working abilities in our society. However, if some entrepreneurs are aware of the benefits of sports on productivity, there is always a room that is lacking to practice, or human resources to steer the project. As proof, the study conducted by the Ministry of Sports and the Medef reports that 87% of business leaders are aware of the virtues of physical activity at work but only 18% of them applied it on their spot.


With this in mind, the 4 founders had the idea to create La Pause Baskets, 4 people with fundamentally different paths as well as complementarities in the love for sports:


– An athlete-financial fan of Krav-maga

– A high-level athlete-volleyball engineer

– An athlete-jurist adept in running and fitness

– A sportsman-teacher multi-graduate of PE


In dialogue with entrepreneurs, this startup has designed a sports service in business. The subscription consists in 15 courses that can be done within the company itself, which does not need to purchase equipment or to dedicate a room to the animation of these courses. An online platform organizes activities with flexible hours, so anyone in the company has to manage the schedules or the employees’ inscriptions. This platform is based on communication, gamification and quantified self (calorie tracking, challenges between members), and finally the motivation is good all year. The concept of work today tends to the well-being in order to influence each individual then, naturally, the teams, and thus being part of the success of a company.


We like: the simplicity of the device,

It inspires us: cooking classes to compensate (payback time!)

The founders