Push a connected button to order your everyday products

— Nov 10, 2016

Push a connected button to order your everyday products

What if you just had to push a button to replace a box of detergent in your cupboard when it’s empty? This is the promise made by Amazon last year, with its Amazon Dash system of connected buttons that will be available in France starting on November 15.

Connected to WiFi and barely larger than a USB drive, the button is associated to one product only (detergent, a drink, toothpaste, a bag of cat food, etc.). Users must choose from among the products corresponding to the button when it is configured using the e-merchant’s app. Users also choose where to place the button. The e-merchant suggests putting it on the shelf near where the product is stored to maximize its usefulness. All it takes is a push on the button to launch an order automatically.

It’s possible to pre-order Dash buttons on the French site of the e-retailer. This service is reserved to Amazon Premium customers and, for now, is limited to 43 brands and about 500 products. It provides a new argument that encourages French consumers to join the Premium service on the e-business site.


We like: A technical solution that highlights the user-centric advantage of e-business, gives an innovative image to the brands associated to it and offers users a real service. So everyone is happy!


We were inspired by: Simplifying the act of purchasing and fitting it to consumers and their daily habits.

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