Test your vision with your smartphone

— Dec 13, 2016

Test your vision with your smartphone

Purchasing the right eyeglasses is still a hassle. You have to make an appointment with an ophthalmologist, have your eyes tested, get a prescription and then go to an optician for appropriate frames. Among the different industries, eyewear still finds it difficult to “uberize” in favor of the individual. But this may now change with EyeQue, an accessory that you can attach to your smartphone for making your own diagnosis.

It’s a small device that uses an app to allow you to make your own vision tests. Test results can then transformed into an EyeGlass Number that you can use to purchase your glasses directly from the internet. They can also be transformed into legible medical data that you can share with your ophthalmologist and in graphs that allow you to keep a personal history of your vision.

EyeQue users have access to information that until now remained in their specialist’s files. EyeQue hopes to encourage people to pay more attention to their eyes by offering them a way to keep track of vision changes themselves, while making it easy for those without insurance or a mutual fund to access this type of care.

For the moment, EyeQue is available in the U.S. only and is the object of a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter.


We like: The fact that ophthalmologists are included in the EyeQue process by being able to access diagrams and other data generated by using the application.


We were inspired to ask: How can care in other medical domains be made as easy and fast? How can individuals be more involved in keeping tract of their health in addition to fitness apps?

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