The Camp, a new generation campus

By Benjamin Couteau
— Oct 3, 2017

The Camp, a new generation campus

The beginning of this autumn also rimes with the opening of the first European campus dedicated to the emerging technologies and new uses: The Camp

The Camp is a project that came out a few years ago of Frédéric Chevalier’s mind, founder of HighCo in 1990 who tragically died in a motorcycle accident in July 2017. His will was to put in common the knowledge and technologies to respond to major challenges for the years to come, like ocean protection and sea resources, education and the future of learning, energy and mobility.

Through its systemic approach, The Camp ambition is to put together NGOs, start-ups, SMEs, large groups public institutions, etc. to anticipate the disruptions to come. A way of experimenting with the technologies of the future to put them at the service of the human being.

The Camp wants to stand out from the California-based Singularity University model, with which it has a lot of similarities especially by focusing on the human dimension at the heart of its challenges and projects.

We wish an excellent kick-off to the actors of this project, and pay tribute to its creator Frédéric Chevalier.

The founders