[Vivatech 2017] ICAROS: get fit with virtual reality

— Jun 16, 2017

[Vivatech 2017] ICAROS: get fit with virtual reality

From 15 to 17 June, come to Vivatech to discover Icaros: the virtual reality fitness equipment

Are you hesitating between a sports activity and a 100% immersive experience? With Icaros, you no longer have to choose!

Created by a German startup, Icaros is a piece of fitness equipment with an integrated virtual reality device. Icaros comprises a gyroscopic articulated support on which the user lies, a virtual reality headset (compatible with Samsung, HTC and Oculus systems), VR games and a controller.

The user can thus work their muscles while discovering the joy of flying through the air, swimming underwater in the sea or joining in a spacecraft race. The player can chose between solo or multi-player mode and thus can create their own content with an SDK (Software Development Kit) supplied by Icaros.

Lying face down, the user then controls the movement of the support with their own bodyweight and can thus work their trapezoids, deltoids and other pectorals in a totally immersive experience.

Among the games supplied by the startup are Deep, an underwater diving simulator with which the user can swim with whales and explore shipwrecks. The Gravity game takes the player to a futuristic world while the Flight game is a flight simulator.

If you want to see what the gym of the future will look like, Icaros will give you a good idea.

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