We have elected to set our vision at a Human level. We think that an innovation, a service or a content generate value only if they are a source of utilitarian or emotional well-being.

Here, you will discover inventions and movements which make life more beautiful, more simple or more exciting.

All-in-one production and consumption: the “Knit for You” pop-up store

— Mar 31, 2017

With the “Knit for You” pop-up store, Adidas innovates by enabling customers to have a made-to-measure sweater knitted for them in the store. A store that’s a mini production factory In partnership with the Germany Ministry of Economy and Energy, Adidas has installed a pop-up store in Berlin that features a mini production factory. Customers […]

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Consume fashion differently

— Nov 22, 2016

Need a little black dress for a special evening or a new jacket for a job interview? Nothing easier than to go to one of the major fashion brands you find everywhere. But are we fully aware of the cost of this accessibility for the planet? Although many brands today claim to have fairer and […]

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