Putting the customer experience at the heart of its business with Made.com

By Mathilde B.
— Feb 15, 2019

Made.com is a site of furniture and decoration, but not only. The digital alternative of IKEA presented on February 6, 2019 in London a completely renovated showroom. Technological innovations in a scope of 1100 square meters and this to serve the customer experience.

Putting the customer experience at the heart of its business with Made.com

Launched in 2015, London’s Made.com showroom in Charing Cross area has been given a makeover and tripled its initial surface, the seventh showroom opening in Europe.

These spaces are their only offline showcases with their catalogs.


Made is at the crossroads between historical retailers and high-end designers. Until its creation in 2010, the gap separating them was empty and the signboard was able to impose itself by shortening the chain of value. Today their focus must remain on the dual challenge of singularity and geographical reach, which the brand manages to challenge through the meaning of its customer experience.


As in its debuts, “everything starts online and ends online but the physical space has a place in this shopping journey,” said Philippe Chainieux, the Group’s General Manager. It is an obvious reassurance in the quality of his products: “The customers who come in our showrooms want to touch and see but also to benefit from a human interaction“, that is why all the staff of the exhibition room is equipped with devices that alert them as soon as a customer is ready to buy. And most importantly, advisors are not evaluated according to the average basket but on the quality of their attention to the customers.


Yet, it’s not literaly a shop: nothing gets lost at the exit, but full access to the catalog is given thanks to touch screens and the “find my style” feature: customers can print their choice and ripen it or order it immediately with real-time delivery delay.


The showroom now embodies the global knowledge of the brand: “We want to explain to people what we do, hence reports in our factories that show where and how our products are designed. The goal is to make this showroom a place of life, with a café, partnerships, guests. This is also the opportunity to highlight the young designers through the crowdfunding platform “Talents Lab”. Those who have collected the most votes from customers are sold on the site and showcased at the showroom’s entrance.


Visitors can make an appointment online to get a custom design service with brand experts. But the customization is not limited to the commitment in the act of purchase, it even conditions the site’s supply : each customer is invited to leave his recommendations and opinions on the platform Trust Pilot – 50 000 comments in Great Britain – to which Made responds individually.


This approach enhances the experience design as a whole: “The customer experience must be expressed until delivery”, explains Frédéric Beltoise, Director of Operations, because “Made doesn’t see logistics and call centers as a cost center, but as a profit center. In the same way as showroom vendors, delivery men are trained to adopt the right customer attitude, and all together directly impact the Net Promoter Score (NPS), and their pay at the same time, thus providing proof of where Made places the value cursor. “Capital sympathy”, an expression used in everyday language, is literal here: investing in sustainable assets for a lasting relationship with its clients.

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