[VivaTech 2017] The best of virtual reality with Laval Virtual

By Jules Bricout
— Jun 16, 2017

[VivaTech 2017] The best of virtual reality with Laval Virtual

Another event dedicated to innovation and technology, from 22 to 26 March 2017, Laval Virtual held the 19th edition of the Virtual Technology and Uses Show in Laval.

The organisation is at the VivaTech 2017 today and tomorrow to present the best innovations in virtual reality, augmented reality, interactive 3D and robotics.

Created in 1999 by – inter alia – Bernard Taravel, the co-creator of Futuroscope, 17,000 visitors came to the 2017 edition.

The show is known and hailed, in particular, for presenting and letting people try out models and innovations which are not yet on the market, but which are set to become essential elements of virtual reality. In 2016, for example, visitors had the opportunity to test Vive and Oculus headsets.

At VivaTech 2017, Laval Virtual is offering demonstration sessions in the “Discovery” zone, so people can find out about the most innovative technological advances in the virtual and augmented reality sector.

Do you want to find out all about Laval Virtual? It’s all happening at VivaTech 2017 and on their website!

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