[Vivatech 2017] Hypersuit: combining virtual reality with powerful sensations

— Jun 16, 2017

[Vivatech 2017] Hypersuit: combining virtual reality with powerful sensations

From 15 to 17 June, come to Vivatech to find out about the Hypersuit, the exoskeleton connected to a VR system

Hypersuit, formerly called Theory, founded in 2016 by Grégoire Arcache and Tom Sicard, is a virtual and augmented reality specialist. At the Vivatech 2017 show, this young startup offers the opportunity to try out its extreme experience simulator.

This device comprises an articulated and interactive support connected to motors and a fan which reacts depending on the user’s movements. In addition to the hardware is a range of games developed specially for the augmented reality simulator: to integrate an even more immersive experience and give you the impression of flying.

The Hypersuit exoskeleton is a tiltable platform on which the player lies face down, with their arms and legs serving as joysticks. The reclining position of the player is ideal for games in which the player is in the air: the presentation video shows a base jump simulation.

The Hypersuit is very big, so it’s no wonder that the French company sees it being used in gaming rooms or arcades rather than for private use in the home. The objective of the Hypersuit is to give a new dimension to the universe of video games, but more serious markets such as military applications are also a possibility.

Have you always dreamt of being able to fly like a bird? Extreme sports enthusiasts and thrill-seekers: the Hypersuit is made for you! Come to the Viva Technology show to try out the Hypersuit.

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