Reactivate (old) memories with a neural prosthesis

Volunteers have had significant science experience at the Wake Forest Baptist University Medical Center in the state of North Carolina in the United States. 17 guinea pigs were able to reactivate a memory thanks to implanted electrodes that reproduce the activity of the neurons linked to this particular memory. The discovery of this cerebral prosthesis is mainly intended for patients with neurodegenerative pathologies such as … Continue reading Reactivate (old) memories with a neural prosthesis

Support frugal innovation

  Navi Radjou is the theorist behind frugal innovation : rather than decreasing, he prefers the term Jugaad (“hack” in Hindi, doing more with less) which can be a source of innovation and even a better quality of life. The circular economy would be an initial prerequisite as the classic linear model demonstrates its limits on a daily basis. We live in an ecosystem in which everything … Continue reading Support frugal innovation

Remove packaging in the supermarket

  To protest against the excessive use of plastic food packaging, twenty or so environmental militants took action in a Tesco supermarket near Bath in England. Men and women did their shopping, paid at the till and then took out scissors to remove all unnecessary packaging. This symbolic action, now dubbed a “plastic attack”, was intended to raise the shop management’s awareness to the quantity … Continue reading Remove packaging in the supermarket

3D printing in construction is real

At the meeting point of robotics, architecture and materials science, the first French house built by 3D printing was inaugurated in Nantes on 21 March 2018. It was the second fix, such as door frames and windows, which caused the delay because of the bad weather over winter. The main achievement came in September 2017, from the giant robot designed by the University of Nantes, … Continue reading 3D printing in construction is real

A sensor to enrich the experience of a football match with Footbar

Wednesday, 9 pm, my five-a-side football match has just finished. For this match, each player in both teams was fitted with a sensor worn on the calf. Speed, kick strength, number of accelerations and running performance are analysed in real time and can be viewed after the match on a dedicated platform. The player who kicked the hardest and the player with the best acceleration … Continue reading A sensor to enrich the experience of a football match with Footbar