[Vivatech 2017] Go Touch VR: discover touch in virtual reality

— Jun 15, 2017

[Vivatech 2017] Go Touch VR: discover touch in virtual reality

From 15 to 17 June, come to Vivatech to discover Go Touch VR.

Go Touch VR is an accessory which offers the user the sensation of touch in virtual reality; this glove provides haptic feedback (the sensation of touch) and the manipulation of virtual objects.

Virtual reality usually uses two of our senses (sight and hearing) to make our brains believe that it is immersed in another world, and sometimes the lack of touch spoils the experience by reminding the user of reality. This is why so many businesses are investing in the development of VR accessories which stimulate other senses than sight and hearing.

To feel touch, our nerve endings are concentrated in our finger tips which feel 90% of sensations. It is in this extremely sensitive zone that the Go Touch VR is placed on one or more fingers and, coordinated with virtual reality images, the haptic feedback allows the user to “really” touch a virtual object during a virtual reality or mixed experience. The feeling of textures is very real, the illusion is total.

In addition to this sensation is the possibility of manipulating objects in space as, by combining it with an application, Go Touch VR becomes a VR controller. This dual functionality opens up potential uses for a large number of virtual reality and mixed applications. It could be used for example in CAD (Computer Aided Design), training or teaching.


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