We have elected to set our vision at a Human level. We think that an innovation, a service or a content generate value only if they are a source of utilitarian or emotional well-being.

Here, you will discover inventions and movements which make life more beautiful, more simple or more exciting.

Observe the infinitely small with a $1 origami microscope

By Laurent Laboutiere
— Dec 15, 2016

The Foldscope, created by a professor from Stanford, is a foldable paper microscope costing only one dollar. On a trip to Thailand, Manu Prakash was surprised to see that the doctors in a country hospital never used the microscopes available to them because they were too fragile and expensive for field work. Thinking of how […]

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Test your vision with your smartphone

— Dec 13, 2016

Purchasing the right eyeglasses is still a hassle. You have to make an appointment with an ophthalmologist, have your eyes tested, get a prescription and then go to an optician for appropriate frames. Among the different industries, eyewear still finds it difficult to “uberize” in favor of the individual. But this may now change with […]

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Democratize online courses on a professional social network

— Dec 1, 2016

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), which have now become common and are listed on résumés, provide easy access to training for their many fans. These online platforms frequently offer an opportunity to learn more about a given subject, develop new skills or learn how to use a new tool in parallel to the course taker’s […]

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Make online purchases that agree with your values

— Nov 29, 2016

When we buy online or make daily purchases, many of us would like to have a broader choice than the one offered by the leading consumer brands. Now this is possible, thanks to the ingenious DoneGood solution. Using an extension that can be installed on Chrome, DoneGood informs you of the existence of sustainable or […]

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Use drones to deliver to isolated rural areas

— Nov 15, 2016

From Amazon to Domino’s Pizza, many market players have created buzz with their projects to deliver by drone. Not surprisingly, in China this dream has become a reality. After several months of testing and thanks to flexible regulations, the Chinese e-merchant JD.com implemented four routes last November 11th on the occasion of the annual major […]

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